Architecture Company

Arhi Group Plan A

web design & development

Overview background

Arhi Group Plan A has been blending a rich mix of design, art and functionality to deliver award-winning architecture throughout the South East European region. Founded by a seasoned architect, Arhi Group Plan A has been providing architectural services for a large variety of clients since they year 2000.

Our Approach

Our goal was to create a strong website that represents the companies values to the highest extent. We started by researching through their projects and what they had done in the past to become such a well-known. Familiarizing ourselves with their work allowed us to get a general direction on how to tackle this challenge.

The Process

Architecture is function and form, architecture is art and engineering. We took these concepts and based our design and functionality based on the fundamentals of the basic design principals. Implementing modernized detailed elements in the style of the brand. Architectural forms implemented into a web based form design.

The Outcome

A stylized functional website that shows the values for which the brand stands for and the reason they’re successful. A representation of the brand in the best possible way.