Online Electronic Shop

Bonobo E-commerce

Web design - ui/ux

Overview background

Bonobo is an e-commerce website shop that is user-friendly and revolves around their customers.

Our Approach

Our goal was to create an easy and functional way for a customer to view all products, while integrating a search function when the customer wants to find a specific product. Market and competition research allowed us to create a practical user experience design.

The Process

We wanted to make sure that the shop had a coherent design and responsiveness across all platforms thus allowing a customer the same experience regardless of the device at use. Accomplishing this meant creating a unified user experience design.

Business minded design

The goal is to maximize the amount of products sold, while minimizing the time needed for the customer to obtain the information they require for a product. Allowing the customer to view related products, before checking the products description was one of the strategies used to increase exposure of other products that may interest the customer.

The Outcome

A simple and elegant website that encourages clients to make quick and decisive decisions every step of the way, from finding a product they need, to the checkout.