Gourmet Delicacy Company

The real gourmet

branding | product design

Overview background

The Real Gourmet is just entering the delicacy market, but are doing so with a quick and memorable bang. With a sister product named similarly they plan to surprise and shake up the waffle and sweet markets.

Our Approach

Our brief began with creating a brand image that would represent the Belgian company as a serious but lively contenders. The starting goal was a logo which would have a classic feel to the modern Belgian waffle store.

The Process

We used classic graphic elements in correlation with more of a ‘hip & retro’ feel. Creating a uniformed logo was just the starting point in creating a larger overall brand image. The next step was to properly identify which direction the brand would head in.

Branding Initials

Our brand book started with testing different ideas that would allow for maximum exposure and consistent use of brands image. It was important to build a visual guide, which will set them apart from the competition and help as a guiding tool for all visual needs.

Defining every detail

Creating a brand book is just part of a larger brand style. We developed every aspect in which the company could be represented visually. Everything from shop signs, to envelopes, shirts and product packages. All in lines with guides created specifically in the brand book.