Film Festival Organization

Kinenova film festival

Web design

Overview background

KineNova is a relatively new independent film festival which began in 2016 as a new hub for aspiring filmmakers, producers and film enthusiast. Based in Macedonia, it’s goal is to reaffirm and support filmmaking in the country and worldwide by providing a space for participants to show, learn and collaborate together.

Our Approach

Our objective was to create a completely new website that represents the festival for its core values and principals. A total revamp of the site was required, so we began by looking at and analyzing the main functional parts that would be required, while comparing the industry standards for a film festival website.

The Process

We started by creating a concept to go along with this year’s website. Derived from using the fundamental tools and visual ques found in the filmmaking industry. This was the basis of our design, in which we started wireframing the functionality of the website first, then implementing the form into it. Allowing for a quick and easy user experience.

One frame at a time

Each part was specifically made to retain a certain function, all custom created and designed to allow for one seamless experience.

The Outcome

This year’s submissions are still in process, our clients loved the website and informed us that they have surpassed the amount of visitors and submissions than the previous year.