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Onetwo board

logo - packaging

Overview background

OneTwo Board is a sustainable forward-thinking company, with an innovative idea to help reduce the strain on our planet Earth. Their product helps eliminate the need for paper and helps people passively recycle.

Our Approach

We were tasked with creating a logo that would be represent their values of saving paper, while also creating a packaging that would catch the viewers eye and intrigue them to the product.

The Process

We first started to think around the logo design, it was obvious we wanted to play with the wording from the start. Elements representing colored pencils were used in the background to associate the classic feel. From here we moved onto the packaging.

The Outcome - Less is more

Packaging should always be quick to suggest the main prodcuts features without being to leading. This was exactly why we used a less is more approach. Something to explain in quick succession what the product does..
A bright and characteristic packaging design followed by a complimenting logo to go along as a whole combination.