Food production and sales



Overview background

In 1990 industrial machinery and equipment for the production of whole wheat bread was created, and lead to the creation of and trademarked name ‘Tonus’. With this began a mass production within Russia. Today Tonus is made within 30 cities in Russia and worldwide, one of which is in Macedonia. Tonus is a leading brand within the country and the food industry.

Our Approach

We were designated with creating a brand-new website, digital marketing and social media content that would engage and inform the user of the product, while at the same time keeping up with modern trends within the food industry. Our strategy was to use the existing products as our starting point and driving force within the whole project.

The Process

We started off with creating a website which would engage the consumers eye, but at the same time give a quick message of what the product is. Next up was creating a simple, quick to the point and informative marketing strategy where the user could inform themselves on what the products are. Once we had completed the first two steps, we started a strong social media marketing campaign which would engage the brand with the consumers.

Content on wheels

Creating a strong marketing strategy means using all available tools at the company and designers reach. Therefore, we used their transportation vans as one of our tools to reach out to an even wider audience. A simple but effective tactic.

Engage your audience

With a creative and communicate social media strategy you can increase your consumer base by an unparalleled amount. We used our expertise in this field to creating a strong social strategy that allowed for more human based approaches to informing and acquiring more clientele.

The outcome

A strong well-rounded successful marketing strategy that reach’s out on multiple platforms, that increased the brands consumers while updating the brand into modern trends.