Construction Company



Overview background

The construction company TRANSMET DOO Skopje, first founded in 1992, with 25 years of tradition has been successfully operating on the Macedonian market in the construction and mining industry, constantly expanding and promoting its range of services through simultaneously investing in modern equipment.

Our Approach

Our objective was to create a new image of the brands main identification tool – their logo. We began with researching into the details of their services, in which we realized the size of their market influence. We developed sketches of a moto to represent their company, ‘we restore the past, we build the future’

The Process

Combing the past and the future into a logo was the starting point of rethinking the brands image. A symbol that represents the past, but moving towards the future. These were the founding concepts that we based our design on, playing with various forms to represent the future and past while keeping the corporate image of the powerful brand.

Shaping the future, one step at a time

All art consists of basic forms, these forms are positioned and manipulated to explain a story in the shortest possible timeframe. Through experimentation we concluded on using shapes to create a path, an arrow, and traces of the past, hence implementing the brands slogan into their logo.

The Outcome

A modern uplift to the visual image of the brand, which will represent the company in the new age as the powerhouse they are. Keeping the same values that made them successful now represent the brand as a whole.