Gourmet Delicacy Company

The real waffle

branding-product design-packaging

Overview background

The Real Waffle is a newcomer into the market of Belgian delicacy’s, but not one to be taken lightly. The brand is heading towards a very unique idea of selling three specific high quality waffles with a particular branding image. The Real Waffle is a part of larger company and brand that challenges the market with its particular products and business ideas towards everything they create. Something modern and completely distinctive.

Our Approach

Our project started with analyzing the specific wants and needs of first the clients (market) and then the company, matching and filling out the blanks on places where the two needs of the differing ‘individuals’ did not concur. Through specific research and briefs with the clients we concluded that the best solution is to having a strong brand image which will represent the brand as a fresh image and contender to the existing market.

The Process

The idea is to create a modern look and ambience that co-relates to the origin of the company and the greatest waffles in the world – Belgium. Everything began with creating a definitive logo which was inspired from the form of a waffle. Keeping the ‘Belgian’ theme as a staple in the design, we used the specific architecture and city skyline structure as one of the branding images for the packaging of the waffle products themselves. Creating a fresh but classic look to the brand that is true to its origins.

Each waffle has a character

The three types of waffles are part of a coherent design, however each has a distinctive character of its own. Different color schemes would allow customers to easily identify each specific product, but know which brand is the producer, hence standing out between the competition.